Product Design

Hopscotch Moments

The Brief

In Feb 2017, Hopscotch announced a growth hackathon to spur new and quick ideas to increase the engagement of moms on our apps and website. The winning team would get 50K in cash and a dedicated sprint to take their idea to production. I teamed up 7 other members (marketing head, product managers, developers) on this project. We were allowed to start meeting a week before the hackathon but had only 48 hours to create a working prototype and presentation of the idea!

Rapid Research

Our team would only be able to meet in smaller groups out-of-office hours and had to explore and generate rapid ideas to prototype. We did a mind-map and discussed and agreed to zoom in on one behaviour of mom that could be translated to more engagement on our apps.

Mind-mapping to understand behaviours and activities our customer base indulged in.

Here are some observations that caught our attention –

  • A large customer base loved posting pictures of their babies on social media
  • A new outfit was one of the triggers for this behaviour.
  • Another trigger was photo contests by other brands which sold baby products or services.
  • We would often receive emails or get tagged on social media when our customers dressed their babies in merchandise sold on our platform!

If mom was spending so much time on this activity and it was also relevant to us as a infant and kids lifestyle brand, why not bring them to our platforms instead?!

Thus, Hopscotch Moments was born.

Concept design

These were quick mockups made for the developer to create a working prototype!

L – Profile page for Mom & R – Single Moment page


Moms loved it! In the first week we got over 15,000 photos which generated over 41,000 likes. Even after the competition got over we continued to get 150 to 200 uploads per day over the next couple of weeks that I tracked.

Bonus Photo!

Our team won the hackathon against 5 other teams and we worked on a super sprint to release the feature on our website within a month!